Cohen, MB

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Maurya, AK, Singh, R, Veenadhari, B, Kumar, S, Cohen, MB, Selvakumaran, R, Pant, P, Singh, AK, Siingh, D, Inan, US
PDF (Online Viewing) 2012-05_0.pdf


Lehtinen, NG, Inan, US, Cohen, MB, Spasojevic, M, Jin, G
PDF (Online Viewing) 2011-10.pdf
Golkowski, M, Cohen, MB, Inan, US, Carpenter, DL
PDF (Online Viewing) 2011-05.pdf
Cohen, MB, Inan, US, Piddyachiy, D, Lehtinen, NG, Golkowski, M
PDF (Online Viewing) 2011-07.pdf
Gjesteland, T, Collier, AB, Carlson, BE, Cohen, MB, Lehtinen, NG
PDF (Online Viewing) 2011-17.pdf


Cohen, MB, Inan, US, Golkowski, M, Lehtinen, NG
PDF (Online Viewing) 2010-16.pdf
Cohen, MB, Inan, US, Briggs, MS, Fishman, GJ, Connaughton, V, Cummer, SA
PDF (Online Viewing) 2010-22.pdf


Mitchell, R, Hoeksema, T, Scherrer, P, Scherrer, D, Cohen, MB
PDF (Online Viewing) 2008-04.pdf


Cohen, MB, Smith, DM, Lopez, LI
PDF (Online Viewing) 2006-08.pdf
Fishman, G, Cohen, MB
PDF (Online Viewing) 2006-12.pdf