Canu, P

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Canu, P, Platino, M, Pickett, JS
PDF (Online Viewing) 2006-03.pdf


Canu, P, Platino, M, Inan, US, Gurnett, DA, Pickett, JS, Décréau, PME
PDF (Online Viewing) 2005-11.pdf


Trotignon, J, Kennedy, E, Canu, P, Rauch, J, Platino, M, Inan, US, Pickett, JS
PDF (Online Viewing) 2004-16_0.pdf


Canu, P, Corcuff, Y, Carpenter, DL, Giles, BL, Chappell, CR, Décréau, PME, Anderson, RR, Persoon, AM, Smith, AJ
PDF (Online Viewing) 404.pdf